Hibriten Mountain Trail

Caldwell County

Hibriten Mountain Trail

Hibriten Mountain Trail
Access from Hibriten Road
Lenoir, NC
Distance: 2.2 miles one way. Expect about 5 miles for a round trip
Elevation gain: Just over 800 feet

     I hiked the Hibriten Mountain Trail on 8-28-16. There is no address for this trail but Google Maps will get you there. The parking area is small and can only handle 6 to 8 cars so parking may be a problem. Be aware of the No Parking Signs as this is in a neighborhood and the residents don’t want you parking on their lawns or blocking their access.

     This is a very good hike if you just want exercise! Although there is a very nice view from the top, this trail does not offer much to enjoy, but is a very good workout!

     After parking, start your hike by continuing up Hibriten Road. Just out of sight of the parking area is the gate. At the gate there is a map of the trail and a list of rules. Take a photo of the map in case you want to reference it later on your hike. The trail is the service road for access to the towers at the top of the mountain. So it is in very good shape but is a service road. It is covered with crushed stone and grit (Crush and Run) and good shoes or hiking boots are suggested.

     At this point you can see the power lines to the top but you still have a long hike to the top. The day I hiked this trail there were a lot of butterflies along the trail but not much else of interest.

     As you approach the summit, the towers will be just ahead of you. There are several newer towers and an old fire tower with antennas attached. There is also 2 items of interest at the summit. First is a ramp for hang gliders. It looks to be in good shape with some recent repairs. From here there is a very good view of the area below. The second is the star that can be seen from very far away. If you have ever traveled highway 321 in this area at night, there is a good chance you have seen it! OK, there is a third item of interest at the summit. It is the very elegant transgender restroom facilities. So if you need to relieve yourself, well… Umm… I would just find a tree!

Wayne McBryde