Boat Registration Numbers

Boat Registration Numbers

You can purchase your Boat Registration Numbers
from Lake Signs (DEE_BEE Printing) in Mooresville.
Lake Signs  |  148 River Park Road
Mooresville, NC  28117  |  704-663-6036


Affixing Registration Numbers:

1. If an NC registration number already exists and it matches the number on the registration card or temporary registration, you do not need to replace this number. You will only be replacing the decal (see below for decal placement instructions).
2. If your vessel does not have registration numbers already affixed, follow the below instructions for proper placement of the numbers:

a) The vessel registration numbers must be painted or permanently affixed on the forward half of each side of the vessel in the position where it may be easily seen and no other number may be displayed on either side of the bow. The validation decal must be displayed on the starboard bow.
b) The letters and numerals must be in block characters and at least three inches in height. They may be of any solid color as long as they contrast with the background of the vessel to provide good legibility.
c) The number must read from left to right as it appears on the certificate of number (registration card), and the letter groups must be separated from the numerals by hyphens or by equivalent spaces, as in the following example:

Boat Registration numbers

Affixing Vessel Decal:

1. The decal must be displayed on the starboard bow (see diagram above) of the vessel for which it was issued.
2. Remove old validation decal. Apply decal at a temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to vessel surface that is clean, dry, free of dust, grease, wax or other foreign matter.
3. Remove decal from lining paper by lifting at the corner and pulling up.
4. Affix decal to the starboard bow of the vessel within 6 inches of your North Carolina Registration Number. Place in position and press firmly to surface.  North Carolina G.S. 75A-5 (g)…“No person shall willfully remove a validation decal from any vessel during the continuance of its validity or alter, counterfeit, or otherwise tamper with validation decal attached to any vessel for the purpose of changing or obscuring the indicated date of expiration of the certificate of number of such vessel.“

You can purchase your Boat Registration Numbers
from Lake Signs (DEE-BEE Printing) in Mooresville.

148 River Park Road  |  Mooresville, NC  28117  |  704-663-6036


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