Brown-Headed Nuthatch

Brown-Headed Nuthatch

Sitta Pusilla

     The Brown-headed Nuthatch Sitta pusilla is a small (approx. 3.5 inch) songbird found in pine forests throughout the Southeastern United States. The bird, like other nuthatches, possesses a sharp black nail-like beak, which it uses to pound open seeds. It is a frequent visitor to feeding stations and is highly fond of sunflower seeds and suet cakes.

     Bold and inquisitive, this bird is readily approachable by humans. The bird is frequently observed using a small chip of bark held in its beak to dig for insects, and maybe to only North American bird to display the skills of utilizing “tools.”

     This species of nuthatch sports a brown cap with narrow black eyeline and buff white cheeks, chin, and belly. Its wings are bluish-gray in color. A small white spot is found at the nape of the neck. The bird’s call is a sharp whee-hyah sounding very similar to a “rubber duck” toy and particularly is loud for a bird its size. They also make softer “pit pit pit” calls while in flight as well as other squeaking noises. 

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