David L. Stewart Trail

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David L. Stewart Trail

    The David L. Stewart Trail is located between Murray’s Mill (1489 Murray’s Mill Road, Catawba, NC 28609) and Shiloh United Methodist Church (1626 Shiloh Church Road Claremont, NC 28610).  The best place to start is at Murray’s Mill.  There is plenty of parking and the best part of the trail is around the mill pond.  From the parking lot, cross the bridge and on the left is a board with a large map of the trail.  To the right and up the hill to the top of the mill dam is the start. 

     The hike around the mill pond will take an hour if you rush. The best plan is to take 2 hours and enjoy the hike.  There are lots to see including water plants like American LotusSpatter Dock, Arrow Head, Parrot FeatherCat Tails and more. There are always birds of many types and depending on the season, butterflies, frogs, turtles, rabbits, deer, and many others. 

     The trail around the mill pond is an easy walk and cleared well.  One warning is about the footbridges.  They are wood and can be very slick if damp or wet. 

     The trail also gives you many different views of Murray’s Mill and the many structures around it. For an added bonus, plan to hike the trail in the fall during the Murray’s Mill Fall Festival.

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