Illegal Boater Discharge or Littering Ordinance

Illegal Boater Discharge or Littering Ordinance

     This Ordinance summarizes the several North Carolina State Laws which prohibit “Illegal Discharge” or depositing or discharging litter, directly or indirectly, which includes any form of “waste” disposal from boats. “Waste” means and includes sewage, industrial waste, other waste or toxic waste. “Illegal Discharge” is to “place, throw, deposit, or discharge or cause to be placed, thrown, deposited or discharged on the waters of this State or into the inland lake water of the State, any litter, raw sewage, bottles, cans, papers, or other liquid or solid matter which renders the water unsightly, noxious, or otherwise unwholesome so as to be detrimental to the public health or welfare or to the enjoyment and safety of the water for recreational purposes”.

     In addition boats with holding tanks, are required to “seal” shut overboard discharge lines and all Boat Dealers will be required to “seal” shut discharge lines for boats with holding tanks. Also, all Public and Private Marinas are required to make part of their applicable rules and regulations and covenants that all boats which permanently occupy their Marinas and have holding tanks to permanently seal their overboard discharge lines.

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