Landscaping For Birds

Landscaping for Birds

     The most surefire way to attract birds to your backyard is to make certain the appropriate habitat is available to them. You may be lucky and already have a good supply of food, shelter, and water available for our feathered friends. In that case, you have to do little more than stand back and watch.

     However, for most backyards, bird habitat must be created. It’s called “landscaping for birds” and it can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. Whatever the approach, anyone who has ever tried this type of landscaping comes away with a real love for it after their first sparkling hummingbirds hover at the coral bells, or the perky catbird comes down for a drink of water from the birdbath, or the sleek waxwings gather en masse to sample bittersweet berries.

Benefits of Landscaping for Birds

You can derive many benefits from landscaping to attract birds to your yard:

Increased Wildlife Populations

     You can probably double the number of bird species using your property with a good landscaping plan.

Energy Conservation

     By carefully arranging your conifer and hardwood trees, you can lower winter heating and summer cooling bills for your house.

Soil Conservation

    Certain landscape plants can prevent soil erosion.

Natural Beauty

     A good landscaping plan contributes to a beautiful, natural setting around your home that is pleasing to people as well as birds.

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Wildlife Photography

    Wildlife photography is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages.


     Try keeping a list of all the birds you see in your yard or from your yard. Some people have counted nearly 20 species of birds in their yard!

Natural Insect Control

     Birds such as tree swallows, house wrens, brown thrashers and orioles eat a variety of insects.

Food Production

     Some plants that attract wildlife are also appealing to humans. People and wildlife can share cherries, chokecherries, strawberries, and crabapples.

Property Value

     A good landscaping plan can greatly increase the value of your property by adding natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife.

Habitat for Kids

     Some of the best wildlife habitats are the best habitats for young people to discover the wonders of nature. A backyard bird habitat can stimulate young people to develop a lifelong interest in wildlife and conservation.

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