Lake Norman Water Temperature, New Equipment

August 25, 2022 Off By thebolnadmin

We have updated the equipment for recording our Lake Norman Water Temperature reading. The old system was just an indoor / outdoor thermometer with the outdoor sensor in the lake water, with a webcam pointed at the display for the outdoor reading. The camera would then upload the image to our website. This system worked well at times but was very unreliable at times.

Recently, we purchased a Davis Stainless Steel Temperature Probe w/RJ Connector and a Davis Instruments 6332 Anemometer/sensor transmitter kit. This combination works well and is expected to be MUCH MORE RELIABLE over time. The transmitter records the water temperature and sends a wireless signal to our Davis Instruments 6152 Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station. We have used this weather station for our Lake Norman Weather Page for about 15 years. The Davis weather station has been very reliable over the years, so we expect the same going forward with the water temperature.

This new equipment will also allow us to chart the readings over time. This function is not setup at this time but will be added in the future.

Lake Norman Water Temperature

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